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Smart by design

Public Art

Art can inspire, provoke thought and stimulate conversation – all hallmarks of a vibrant community.

  • The first two pieces of public art to be included in the Twinbrook Station Collection were installed by world-renowned sculptor Howard McCalebb at The Alaire and unveiled in 2010. Butterfly and Cat’s Tail are large, geometric steel fabrications weighing about 1,000 pounds each.
  • Rockville mural by artist Anna Rose Soevik painted in 2015 on exterior facade of The Terano. 
  • Poetry Stones by artist Kenneth Goldsmith installed in 2015 at The Terano. 
  • Kite sculpture by artist Sarah Dorner installed in 2016 at The Terano.
  • I-Beam Sunburst sculpture by artist James Angus installed in 2016 at Galvan. 
  • Bloom Where You're Planted mural painted in 2016 by artist duo BroCoLoco at Galvan. 
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