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Smart by design

Bring Back the Bike

Twinbrook makes the bicycle a priority, after all sometimes two-wheels can be faster than four.

  • Dedicated bike lanes along Twinbrook Parkway and Parklawn Drive.
  • A future bike path will join to existing shared-use trails in Rock Creek Park and along Viers Mill Road, creating a key connector in a regional bike system.
  • Annual Sponsor of Bike to Work Day, with a pit stop at 5635 Fishers Lane. Click to view photos.
  • Rockville was designated as a bicycle-friendly community by the state of Maryland in 2012.
  • Public garage provides bike storage at 12721 Twinbrook Parkway.
  • Abundant bike racks throughout Twinbrook.
  • BikeShare at The Alaire.
  • Get Involved.
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