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Smart by design

Urban by Nature is an organic evolution that is guided by core principles to shape and mold the future of Twinbrook. A framework of eight key areas that contribute to the sense of community create guiding principles that focus how Twinbrook grows, changes, and evolves.

Advance Transportation Choice

As one of 14 designated Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) in Maryland, a core goal of Twinbrook is to promote options to reduce vehicle usage.

  • Direct access to the Metro on the red line.
  • Create a mixed-use neighborhood to promote a pedestrian-friendly environment to live, work, shop, dine, and play.
  • Improve walkability with wide sidewalks and improved crosswalks and lighting.
  • Blink electric vehicle charging stations at 1150 Higgins Place, 5720 Fishers Lane, 1801 Chapman Avenue and 12721 Twinbrook Parkway.
  • Zip cars at the Twinbrook Metro station.
  • Bike storage at the Twinbrook Metro station.